Saturday, 12 November 2016

Maui and the Sun artwork

The Pukeko children have thoroughly enjoyed creating Maui and the Sun artwork this term. The children were learning to use Maori designs and patterns in their artwork whilst fine tuning their sketching abilities. They also used crayon and dye to create the finished products. Pukeko Mottram self-reflection was a valuable experience.

Here's what we thought of our work...

Mat P “I quite like how the circle is big but I think next time I could make it more even.”

Malakai “I like my mouth because the points are good on the mouth. I want to improve my circle because it’s on an angle.”

Aliah “I really like how I did the flames and I think I need improve on making the circle even.”

Cooper M “I like the colours I have used because they’re my favourite colours. Next time I think I could change the eyes by making them bigger.”

Flynn “I like that I did use the colours for the sun. I think I could improve on a mistake in the circle.”

Tuari “I could improve the circle on mine but I love the colours I have used.”

Mikayla “I really like the flames on mine, next time I need to draw my circle in the middles or down a little bit.”

Molly “I like the circle because it’s in the middle, next time I could do the flames more in shape.”

Sophie: “I like the circle because it’s in the right place. Next time I could do my flames more far apart.”

Cara” I think I could improve the flames by changing the shape. I like the teeth because I’ve done the teeth sharp.”

Neiva “I like that I have a good circle on mine. My next step is to make the flames the same size."

Alexi “I like the Maori designs that I have done on the cheeks because it’s like a snails shell. I like the eyes too. My next step is to not smudge the flames."

Ruby “I think the mouth is really good because I improved it. I also like the patterns on the cheek because it looks like waves. What I have to work on is making the two eyes the same shape."

Georgie “I like the mouth on mine because it has a pattern in the middle. Next time I’ll try to a circle better.”

Daisy “ I really like the eyebrows mine because they are like a hook. I think I’ll make it a bit rounder next time.”

Kaia “ I like my flames because they look like they have lots of fire. I need to work on making my mouth more scary.”

Tilly “I really like the koru on my suns chin. I think my nose is a bit too wide and one of my eyes is bigger than the other one.”

Chloe “I like how I did the flames. I think I could have improved my circle and made my patterns bigger.”

Jada “I loved using the dye. Next time I want to improve my patterns by making them the same size and using the same colours”.

Brooke “I like how I did the circle the right size. I think I need to make the flames the same size and I could change where the patterns and how big they are.”

Cooper C “I like how I did the koru patterns as they’re the right shape. Next time I will make my circle a bit bigger.”

Quinn “I really like how I’ve done my Maori patterns – I have lots of them. I think I could improve on making my circle rounder.”

Eloise “I really like the patterns and how the circle is in the middle. I think I need to keep the flames next to each other next time.”

Sienna “I like how I’ve done the Maori patterns as they are the right size. I think I need to improve the flames by making them bigger.”

Abby “I like the patterns I’ve use d down the nose and on the cheeks but I don’t like the flames because of the shapes.”

Alex “I like the koru patterns because they are the right shape. My next step could be to make my circle rounder.”

Please come and see our wonderful work displayed in the Manawa. 

Tino pai tamariki :)