Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Orange, cheese and pineapple kebabs!

Today for our healthy eating the children learnt about oranges. They were all keen to try a fruit kebab and said they were delicious! We hope you make your own at home and don't forget to send the pictures to your home group teacher.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Yummy mushrooms!

This week the food of the week is mushroom (harore). Today Mrs M and Mrs Jackson prepared mushrooms with melted cheese for the Pukeko hub to try. Some of us found the texture of mushroom interesting and a few of us didn't like them. Most of us thought they were scrumptious and wanted a second piece! Here are some photos!

Wacky Hair Day/ Reading Books

Dear parents/caregivers,

Here is a photo of the Pukeko children with wacky hair! Thank you so much for your donations and for the time and effort you put in to create these amazing hairstyles!

Reading books:

Can you please bring in any reading books that have been left at home this week. There will be no questions asked. We seem to be running short on reading texts to send home with the children and each text costs the school $10 to replace.

Kind regards,