Thursday, 13 April 2017



Date: Tuesday 9th May Postponement Date: Friday 12th May
Times: 11.30 am - 12.30 pm (Year 0 - 4)  Lunch: 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm
1.30 pm - 3.00 pm (Year 5 - 8)
Location: Marshland School

Dear Parents and Whanau

This years Cross Country event will be held at Marshland School on Tuesday 9th May.  There will be two different time sessions, one for the junior classes and one for the senior classes.  All students will be racing in their year groups and gender groups.  The students will be assigned a number which they will write on their hands alongside their house initial/s (K, KK, W, H).  All the students will be recorded and the results will be posted within the next couple of days.  Each hub will be doing their own fitness/training in the lead up to this event.

The Course
Year 0 - 4
This year, the course will be different from last year.  The year 0 - 4 age group will be starting at the rugby posts in front of the playground near Tui hub.  The students will run straight to the end goal posts before turning left and heading towards Toroa.  When near Toroa the students will turn left and head past Pukeko nest and then head around the front of the main building.  They will run all the way past the main building then turn left past Korimako and head towards the cone on the field then sprint towards the cricket pitch where there will be orange tape setup for the finish line.
The Year 0 - 2 will complete 1 lap with the Year 3 - 4’s completing two laps.

Year 5 - 8
The students will go in the same starting direction as the younger students.  But when they are near Toroa they will head past Toroa and head over the hill and head out the gate.  They will turn left on Prestons road and run towards Te Korari Street.  When there the students will turn left and run down Te Korari street until they past the Korimako Hub and turn left heading back to the field.  Then will go past the cone on the field and sprint towards the cricket pitch and the finish line.
The Year 5 - 6 will complete 1 lap with the Year 7 - 8 completing two laps.

All the students will have a walk through the course in the lead up to this event.

House Point Competition
This year the house competition will run like this:
1st Place getter = 1000 2nd = 800 3rd = 600 4th = 400 5th = 200
6th = 100 7th = 90 8th = 80 9th = 70 10th = 60
All students who complete the race = 50
After the races the total house points will be added and the winners will be announced at the next assembly.

Parent Spectators
It will be great to see a lot of families support this event.  We would like to remind parents of the Marshland School Values of Respect, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness, Reciprocity and Resilience.  Please encourage all students who are trying their best in this event.  We will have teacher and parent volunteers on the course who will be officiating, you are most welcome to take videos and photographs however no official will look at video or photos in deciding place getters.

Parent Volunteers
To make this event a great success we would like approximately 10 parent helpers for the morning and another 10 for the afternoon session.  This way you will be able to watch your child race then swap with another helper so they can watch their child.
For example Mrs Smith who has a year 3 child, will be helper when year 0 - 2 race and then will swap with another parent who has a year 0 - 2 child.
If you are able to assist for the Cross Country please Email Mr Blair Cook - with Your name, Child’s name and Year group, Child’s home base teacher and what time you are available, also if you are available on the postponement dat.
For Example
Mrs Belinda Smith
Sophie Smith Year 4
Mrs Pearce
11.30 am - 12.30 pm   -
Yes available on both days

East Zone Qualifiers
The Year 5 - 8 students have a chance of representing Marshland at the East Zone Cross Country event to be held at Queenspark in Term 2.  The first 3 place getters in each race will represent the school at East Zone Cross Country event.  All students who qualify will receive information regarding this race.  If for any reason we are unable to hold our Cross Country we will be using last year's results for our East Zone representatives.

Kind Regards
Blair Cook  Cross Country Sports Organiser
Mel Roberts Sports Coordinator