Sunday, 5 February 2017

Enjoying our Maker Space

Lolly Cake

This week the Pukeko children made Lolly Cake in our Maker Space.

We were learning to: 
Follow a recipe. 

A good job looked like:
-Checking we had the correct ingredients
-Measuring our ingredients
-Completing one step at a time.

The children really enjoyed preparing the lollies and breaking up the biscuits. 
This was an authentic experience where every child was able to participate in some way. 
Some of the children enjoyed their lolly cake for morning tea, others had theirs after 
school or gifted theirs to their family.

We are looking forward to many more baking experiences in our Maker Space. 
Tino pai tamariki your teachers were very impressed with your self control and 
abilities to listen and follow instructions carefully.