Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Recycling needed for Discovery Time

We would like to have a construction area as part of our Discovery learning on a Friday. 

This involves the children making items from recycled packages by taping them together.

Could you please save up any of the following and give to your home group teacher:

Cereal boxes, chocolate boxes, muesli bar boxes, clean and non-sharp tins, clean empty yoghurt pottles, egg cartons, straws, cardboard toilet roll inners, kitchen towel cardboard inners, old CDs, plastic bottles, clean empty milk cartons, plastic lids, freight packaging.

Kia ora/Thank you!!

Gabby Get-Along helps the tamariki learn their 'Getting Along' key!

"Hi, I'm Gabby Get-Along, and I have been visiting the tamariki in the Pukeko hub to teach them their 'Getting Along' key"

This week the tamariki learned about tidying up after themselves, and others, to keep the hub clean and everyone happy. They also learned to keep their bag and lunchboxes tidy to show respect, and keeping their hands clean so as not to spread bugs to friends.

"Sharing is being kind." - Tayla P.

"When people cry you can look after them." - Arlo

"I was Alana's buddy and helped her on her first day." - Emily C.

"Once when we had a new boy in our hub, we asked if he wanted to play." - Matt

"I shared the toys in the sandpit." - Billie

"If I see someone by themselves, I ask them to join us." - Luke

Friday, 24 February 2017

Pukeko Flower Show

Here are a few photos from the Pukeko Flower Show yesterday! They children were so proud of themselves. What a fun afternoon!

Ka mau te wehi tamariki!

Pukeko Buddy Writing

Yesterday we began buddy writing in the Pukeko Hub! The children in Mrs Kidd's and Mrs Matheson's writing groups were paired so that they could share ideas and collaboratively create a piece of writing.

We were learning to : Write with a buddy.

 A great job looked like:

  • Helping my buddy with spelling, punctuation and interesting words.
  • Using the Getting Along Key!
  • Writing a sentence each and using each others ideas.
This was a leadership opportunity for many children in our hub, who loved the chance to help someone else and teach them what they know about interesting and exciting writing.

The children were highly motivated and thoroughly enjoyed this experience!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Pukeko and Pukeko Nest trip to Spencer Park

The children had a wonderful time exploring the playground at Spencer Park yesterday. The teachers enjoyed watching them using their large motor skills on some very challenging equipment. We were amazed by the confidence they showed - take a look at some of the photos we have!
They were also using their social skills and it was wonderful to see so many children playing alongside each other. Later on in the day, some children decided to play T-ball or use other sports equipment while some chose to build sandcastles under the volleyball net!

The sunshine, fun and laughter made it wonderful experience for all.

Thank you so much to all of the parents / grandparents who came along yesterday. We couldn't have these fun experiences without your help!