Sunday, 4 March 2018

SeeSaw Announcement

Kia ora whānau,

We have now set up both our Pukeko Year 2 and Year 3 blogs on Seesaw for any notices and celebrations of your tamariki's learning.

Seesaw is a far more efficient way of communicating with you, as if you have accepted the invitation sent to you to view your child's work, you will get an email as soon as the blog is updated.

Please contact your home group teacher if you have not received an email inviting you to join your child's Seesaw page.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Choosing a Good Fit Book

As part of our Year three tamariki learning to read for a sustained period of time - 'Read to Self', we will be teaching them this week to be able to choose a good fit book.

We will compare choosing a good fit book to choosing the right shoes to wear. I own a pair of nice warm slippers, but I wouldn't wear them in the snow. 
Choosing the right fit book should feel right, like a good pair of shoes designed for the task you are completing.

These visuals will help you encourage your tamariki to choose good fit books at home, online, and at the library:

Year Three Daily 5 - Learning to Read to Self

This week our year three tamariki have been learning the first part of our new Daily 5 programme - Read to Self.

We've talked about what being independent means, and completed an 'I' chart as a hub. The I chart is our behavioural expectations during 'Read to Self' time.

We've also talked about the importance of building stamina while reading to self.

We are practising building our reading to self stamina by following our behavioural I chart and being able to do it for a longer period each day.

Our goal is to be able to read to ourselves for 20 minutes. To be able to read for a sustained period of time is really important in these children's reading journey. 

We encourage you to let your tamariki choose their own reading material now, and read a book for a period of 20 minutes each night. This reading can be recorded as their home learning instead of the books they bring home.

You can visit the library to allow them to choose their own books, or use these online sources: